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2008-03-23 23:05:42 by kickassman1

Well today is a great day for me, I've finally finished all the assignments I was given and shit

Now all I look forward to doing is going out hitting on chicks, stay home animate, watch a movie at indro and shit

Hope most of you are looking forward to my next series

Its just I can't thinik of what its going to be I thought starcraft would be cool but there to detailed, I guess I could but you know what, I really don't know.

But heres what I am thinking either I could
1. Do one on a maplestory sort of thing
2. Continue with starcraft
3. Make a brand new series
4. Continue with cloud madness

When you reply say what you think I should do and why


I reckon you should make a brand new series (if you do choose 3 tell me what I should make and you shall be put in the credits. Well your animation about cloud madness is starting to get a bit boring, also if your going to do a starcraft It would be extremely hard and I'm not into starcraft so you've lost my vote ;p.

You know something like that

If you could help me out that would be fantastic

cheers kickassman1


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2008-03-25 06:46:58

Continue with Cloud Madness. It has ALOT of potential. <--- if you have MSN, add me. You and I are going to do a little collaberation on the next installment of Cloud Madness :)

kickassman1 responds:

I added you and you can tell me about this collab of yours :)


2008-04-03 08:56:21

Lol. HEY DUDE, I Have A New Computer. :]

kickassman1 responds:

sweet assssss


2008-05-15 21:51:53

Do what makes you happy, or, do what pisses off your enemies. Either way, have fun with whatever you choose to do. Good luck with the women, blessings.

kickassman1 responds:

lol ty :) i got me self a girl friend i feel awesome ;p no not today like 4 days after you replied :P anyway cheers