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CM 4

2008-09-04 02:13:52 by kickassman1

Sadly the animation was slowed because my animation was well, not really my animation but more my computer was like banned from me :'( so the release has been put on a halt and I do not know when I can release but I hope that when it is finally released it will be good enough and well worth the wait



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2008-09-27 22:23:45

do you know that robot from madness ultimite?

kickassman1 responds:

I don't think so why?


2009-04-13 22:40:04

could i have cloud sprites

kickassman1 responds:

There all over the interwebs ^^ just search xD


2009-09-04 21:32:29

LOL you were abandoned!


2010-06-21 11:37:26

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